Saturday, February 8, 2014

Habit 1 - Be Proactive

Being proactive is often referred to as the habit of choice, which means that you take responsibility for your choices and behavior. According to Stephen Covey, there is a space between the stimulus and response, and it is in this space that you have the potential to choose your response.  To be proactive means that you have the foresight to think and act ahead of anticipated events. It means that you take conscious control of your life, set goals, and then work towards achieving those goals. Rather than waiting for life's events to happen to you, you take control and engineer your own events.

Reactive Language
•I’ll try
•That’s just the way I am
•There’s nothing I can do
•I have to
•I can’t
•You ruined my day
Proactive Language
•I’ll do it
•I can do better than that
•Let’s look at all our options
•I choose to
•There’s gotta be a way
•I’m not going to let your bad mood rub off on me

Habit 1 - Be Proactive

Are You Proactive or Reactive

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  1. Great videos!!! I have been looking for something to share with students when they come in for "reflection time" in the office...I think I just found it! Thanks.