Thursday, March 24, 2016

Student PTA

The student PTA wants the whole school to get involved in anti-bullying. The student PTA does this because they want everybody to stop bullying and not be a bystander.
A bystander is a person that watches bullying and doesn't help the person by not reporting it or not telling them to stop. What the student PTA wants us to do is to stand up for others and yourself. We want Cooper Upper Elementary to be bully free.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Our Student Leaders are Finding their Voice!

Cooper leaders have had some exciting opportunities in the past couple of weeks.  First, Webster Elementary invited us to speak with their students about how Cooper students live the 7 Habits.  The Webster Wildcats have been learning about the 7 Habits and their principal, Mrs. Boka, felt that they really needed to hear from fellow students how living the 7 Habits could positively impact their lives.  We took six Cooper students from our Student Lighthouse Team and PTA Leaders.  They did a wonderful job!  

Also, today we had a surprise visit from the Livonia Public Schools Communication Department.  They are putting together a video to demonstrate the positive school environments across Livonia.  Six Cooper students were asked to speak on camera about their school experiences.  They were asked questions such as, "Describe your favorite teacher and what makes them your favorite, What is your favorite part of your day?, and How has being at at Leader in Me school changed your life?"

Once again, our students were poised, confident, and sincere.  They spoke highly about the role leadership and the 7 Habits play in their lives, their positive learning experiences, strong peer relationships, and the impact great teachers have had in creating engaging, positive, joyful school experiences. As Martina said, "Cooper is like a bagel and the cream cheese is the Leader in Me!"  Way to go Cooper Leaders!

Speaking to the 1-2 Grade Family

Speaking to the 5-6 Grade Family

Speaking to the 3-4 Family

Great Job Cooper Leaders!

Sienna LOVES learning!

One of our Rock Star Savers!

Mallory shares how her math teacher has been instrumental in 
helping her understand math and make it fun!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Honoring Mrs. Schnettler

When Mrs. Schnettler, one of our Physical Education teachers, died last December, Cooper students and staff wrote their thoughts and memories of Mrs. Schnettler on pink pieces of paper. The pieces of paper were made into paper chains and placed in Cooper's front hallway in Mrs. Schnettler's honor.  

What ever happened to the paper chains?  Jolene and Zoey synergized by carefully taking each link of the chains apart, and placing them into gift boxes.  Hundreds of slips of paper were sent to Mrs. Schnettler's children this Christmas in loving memory of their mom.  We will invite Mrs. Schnettler's children to come and walk the track that was constructed in her memory with Cooper staff and students this spring.  

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cooper Work-a-thon

Stephen Covey called synergy "the highest activity of life."  When we work together, we can create new alternatives.  It benefits us mentally and emotionally.  Last Friday, Cooper students, staff, and parents came together to beautify our school.  We had 57 students plus 13 teachers and numerous parents.  With the leadership of our art teacher, Ms. Didomenico, we painted windows, created quote canvas art for a group mural, and "grew" our new habits tree.  We look forward to more Work-a-thons this year!

Canvas Art

Leadership Quotes

Our Tree is Growing!

Just the Beginning


Painting with Friends


Think Win Win Students

Friday, November 20, 2015

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you for attending Parent Teacher Conferences.  Parent Teacher Conferences provide such a wonderful opportunity to share our observations, stories, and concerns about your children.  We love them and we want you to know that we care!

Many of you had the opportunity to participate in Student Led Conferences.  Staff members are trying this format in a variety of ways.  Cooper leaders have Leadership Notebooks which they use to track their data and progress toward their academic and personal goals.  This provides our students with a voice in their own learning and helps them work toward their goals because they are responsible for recording the data.  Students are able to articulate their learning at Student Led Conferences.  Many parents have found this progress extremely engaging!  It's amazing what our students can do when we empower them to take charge of their own learning!

Mrs. Santi's student did a wonderful job leading her conference!

Super Hero Cooper Leaders

On Friday, November 6th we held our 4th Annual Walk-a-thon.  The day started cold and rainy but by 2:00 the sky was blue and the sun was shining.  Our Cooper Leaders dressed in their superhero gear were wonderful participants.  Students walked appropriately and enjoyed the time with their peers celebrating all of their hard work.  While we fell short of our goal, we still raised $6,885 for Cooper.  Nice work Cooper Leaders!
Batman gives high fives!

Beautiful day for a walk!



Batman vs. Superman

Silly Super Heroes

Happy Winner!

Interim Superintendent Andrea Oquist

Super Office Staff!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Student Lighthouse Leading the Way!

Wow!  Cooper students were inspired first thing this morning by some amazing speeches!  We had 52 students prepare and give students for the Student Lighthouse Team!  Not only were the speeches amazing but the audiences were wonderful as well.  We reviewed how we need to Seek First to Understand when watching others speak.  It takes a lot of bravery to stand up in front of peers and Find Your Voice.

Votes were cast this morning and the counting commenced!  Stay tuned for the announcement of our new Student Lighthouse Leaders!