Friday, November 20, 2015

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you for attending Parent Teacher Conferences.  Parent Teacher Conferences provide such a wonderful opportunity to share our observations, stories, and concerns about your children.  We love them and we want you to know that we care!

Many of you had the opportunity to participate in Student Led Conferences.  Staff members are trying this format in a variety of ways.  Cooper leaders have Leadership Notebooks which they use to track their data and progress toward their academic and personal goals.  This provides our students with a voice in their own learning and helps them work toward their goals because they are responsible for recording the data.  Students are able to articulate their learning at Student Led Conferences.  Many parents have found this progress extremely engaging!  It's amazing what our students can do when we empower them to take charge of their own learning!

Mrs. Santi's student did a wonderful job leading her conference!

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