Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Our Student Leaders are Finding their Voice!

Cooper leaders have had some exciting opportunities in the past couple of weeks.  First, Webster Elementary invited us to speak with their students about how Cooper students live the 7 Habits.  The Webster Wildcats have been learning about the 7 Habits and their principal, Mrs. Boka, felt that they really needed to hear from fellow students how living the 7 Habits could positively impact their lives.  We took six Cooper students from our Student Lighthouse Team and PTA Leaders.  They did a wonderful job!  

Also, today we had a surprise visit from the Livonia Public Schools Communication Department.  They are putting together a video to demonstrate the positive school environments across Livonia.  Six Cooper students were asked to speak on camera about their school experiences.  They were asked questions such as, "Describe your favorite teacher and what makes them your favorite, What is your favorite part of your day?, and How has being at at Leader in Me school changed your life?"

Once again, our students were poised, confident, and sincere.  They spoke highly about the role leadership and the 7 Habits play in their lives, their positive learning experiences, strong peer relationships, and the impact great teachers have had in creating engaging, positive, joyful school experiences. As Martina said, "Cooper is like a bagel and the cream cheese is the Leader in Me!"  Way to go Cooper Leaders!

Speaking to the 1-2 Grade Family

Speaking to the 5-6 Grade Family

Speaking to the 3-4 Family

Great Job Cooper Leaders!

Sienna LOVES learning!

One of our Rock Star Savers!

Mallory shares how her math teacher has been instrumental in 
helping her understand math and make it fun!

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