Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cooper Career Day 2013

On March 1, Cooper hosted its second successful Career Day! The Student Lighthouse Leaders greeted our special guests before escorting them to the library media center where they were treated to a rendition of The Bare Necessities by our amazing vocal students. Students then attended three presentations to learn about different careers.  They enthusiastically listened to our guest speakers share information about their careers and demonstrate how they exemplify leadership in their professions. Our Career Day ended with the presenters having lunch in the library while watching student presentations about the 7 Habits. It was a great experience for all involved!

Student leaders registered our guests.
The Bare Necessities was performed by some of our vocal students.
Students followed the schedule on their cards.
Students selected the careers they were interested in learning about.

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  1. What a great day that was for the kids. Lots of smiles and excitement all around.