Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Readers Are Leaders

There was an electrifying energy in the air on March 12, as over three hundred Cooper students met in the gym at Franklin High School to participate in this year's Battle of the Books. This year's event was the largest yet with 311 students who were split up into 47 different teams. These student leaders made a commitment back in December to read preselected books and to work in a team of 6 or 7 students for two and a half months to prepare for the battle. Thanks to the help of countless volunteers who served as coaches, each team met on a weekly basis during their lunch/recess to talk about the books, to share notes and to quiz one another on what they had read. Synergy was definitely pervasive throughout the battle as students worked together to support, encourage and help each other. There were countless cheers, screams of joy, and high-fives throughout the night of the battle as questions were asked and answers were revealed. It truly was a celebration of reading!

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  1. There is something special going on at Cooper. Today's leadership day was outstanding. Great job.