Saturday, April 20, 2013

Leadership Day 2013

Cooper celebrated its second annual Leadership Day on Thursday, April 18. Over 90 guests participated in this special day where they not only learned about the 7 Habits and leadership, but also had the opportunity to witness our students serving as leaders throughout the entire morning. Students greeted the guests as they entered the building, got them registered, and escorted them to the library for the first presentation. Once they entered the library, the guests were once again greeted and then served breakfast by our student hosts. Our audience learned about the 7 Habits via student skits, enjoyed a musical performance by our vocal students, and were escorted by student tour guides to travel throughout the building to talk to students about how they are living the habits and how they are being integrated into the curriculum. After the tour, our guests enjoyed another musical performance by a group of our instrumental students and then had the opportunity to sit with students who shared their data notebooks. Lastly, everyone had the opportunity to ask questions of our student panel comprised of members from our Student Lighthouse Team. Cooper students shined as leaders! We are so proud of all of them and look forward to continuing along our journey of building a leadership culture at our school!

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  1. An outstanding day, highlighting an outstanding program. Can't wait to see more.